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St. Monica’s Preparatory School welcomes you to our website.

St. Monica’s Prep. School – unknown to but a few, revered by some and definitely remembered by many! This establishment has been home to over 3400 students in its 60-year history. A school with distinct differences from any other, S.M.P. as we are now fondly called since 2001, is guilty of doing everything we do with measures of perfection. We perform well academically, socially and culturally as is evident in the classroom, on the sports field and on the stage at our many concerts.

Why the letters S.M.P. one might ask? Well in an effort to make the children aware of our school values, they were challenged to create different meanings for the letters – examples are: Say More Prayers, Show More Patience, Spread More Peace, Show More Perseverance, Smile at More People – the list is endless!!

Governed by the Sisters of the Holy Faith, St. Monica’s Preparatory has a dynamic team of 30 teachers at its helm, imparting the disciplines of Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Library Skills and Computer Science. A deep Catholic ethos is ever present in our school as one enters its big green gate.

At S.M.P. we make the school a happy place for everyone, where there is order without too much regimentation; where there are teachers who empathize and care; where there is a curriculum and methodology to stimulate the ability and the disposition to learn, where the child has a feeling of ‘worthwhileness’ and belonging.

With the Covid 19 pandemic, St. Monica’s Prep. embraced the domestic school, never losing balance when it utilized the VEDAMO platform and later Google Classroom and Meet platforms to impart a robust curriculum. Continuing in its true tradition, many events were kept virtually on the calendar: Term 1 saw a virtual Walkathon, and Christmas Productions, Term 2 witnessed Carnival with Calypso and guest appearances and Parade of Bands, and Lenten Procession while Term 3 culminated with House Pride and Graduation Drive-through. These were punctuated by Art competitions, Morning Assemblies and Holy Masses.  

“Hurrah for St. Monica’s Prep.!

Not one of us here out of step!

In our uniform smart we are proud to be seen

In our colours of grey, white and green.”

The Principal

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