School History

“Hurrah for St. Monica’s Prep!

Not one of us here out of step!”

To any person who has been privileged to be part of the St. Monica’s Preparatory School will instantly continue the chorus of this our School Song: “In our uniforms smart we are proud to be seen, In our colours of grey, white and green.”

These words describe who we are and what we’re all about…….. to put it simply- we are proud and  happy to experience each day in a vibrant, dynamic, healthy and disciplined environment.


SMP Building – 87 Pembroke Street, Port-of-Spain












SMP Building - 78 - 80 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain

SMP Building – 78 – 80 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain

St. Monica’s Preparatory opened its doors in September, 1959 and became fully functioning in the following year, 1960.

Sr. Laurentina of the Sisters of the Holy Faith, Ireland, was the first principal of this school. Two years later, Sr. Mary Eunan, yet another Sister of the Holy Faith, took over the reins of this illustrious institution and she remained and continued the “building” of this school from 1962 to 2000 ….. what a leader she was. This ‘giant’ of an educator died in Ireland on 10th November 2021 – May she Rest in Peace.

In 2000, Ann Marie (Grant) Clarke, the first lay person was bestowed with the title of that of, the principal. Mindful of the Catholic ethos of the school, Mrs. Clarke, along with the Board of Directors, is continuing the work begun by her predecessors and thus St. Monica’s Prep. School thrives as it distinguishes itself in all arenas.

Steeped in the culture of a strong Catholic faith, St. Monica’s or as it is now fondly called S.M.P. has been the home of many of our staff members for several years; this staff has garnered its strength over the years with a core of teachers who work so well together that the synergy can only be described as unbelievable. These fine women have themselves found the elusive ‘chemistry’ or best fit in their environment and as such are some of the greatest mentors one can hope to find; there are now thirty-three (33) members of staff; thirty (30) teachers (inclusive of the Vice Principal, Mrs. Olivia Guillen); two (2) administrative staff and the principal. Of the 33 teachers there are twenty-one of whom have been in the S.M.P. service for over 10 years – a rich culture and spirit of S.M.P. tradition.

St. Monica’s Prep is today still owned and governed by the Sisters of the Holy Faith, with its motto:


St. Monica’s Preparatory School

78 - 80 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. Phone: 1 (868) 623-8328 / 1 (868) 761-7628 Fax: 1 (868) 623-8328 Web:
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