Rules and Regulations


  1. HOLY FAITH PREPARATORY SCHOOL, (ST. MONICA’S) IS A ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL. The primary purpose of Christian education at St. Monica’s is to provide educational experiences, which, with God’s help, are best calculated to develop in the children under our care the knowledge, ideals, skills and attitudes that are demanded for Christ-like living in our Caribbean society.
  1. We dedicate ourselves to Christian quality education which aims at forming the whole child spiritually, morally, intellectually, emotionally, physically, culturally, socially and aesthetically.
  1. We recognize each child as a unique person, capable of realizing his/her fullest human potential.
  1. We strive to foster a respect for the person of Christ in each child, a respect for him/herself, for his/her companions and for the adults with whom he/she comes in contact each day.
  1. We strive to ensure that each pupil acquires the mastery of basic skills of learning and good communication. We emphasize the importance of responsibility, self-control, good grooming and healthy self concept.
  1. Recognizing that the parents are the chief educators of their children, we encourage parental involvement at every stage of the child’s development.
  1. We want, therefore to make the school a happy place, where there is order without too much regimentation; where there are teachers who empathize and care; where there is curriculum and methodology to stimulate the ability and the disposition to learn; where the child has a feeling of worthwhileness and belonging.


Our hopes for any pupil attending St. Monica’s are that he/she will:

have a greater understanding and appreciation of the Catholic Faith.

have a sense of belonging to the Faith Community by involving him/herself in prayer and song in liturgical celebrations as a member of a class and as a school.

grow in his/her ability to think rationally, to solve problems, to express his/her thoughts clearly and to read and listen with understanding.

nurture appreciation, respect, understanding and concern for the members of all ethnic groups within the school and community at large.

cultivate a respect for the rights of others as individuals and as groups.

learn the value of true sportsmanship in team endeavours.

grow in his/her love of country and begin to assume his/her role as a responsible citizen.

live the virtues of our school: self-control, friendliness, compassion, tolerance, honesty, reliability and perseverance.


Classes start at 7:40 am and end at 2:20 pm, except on Fridays (Clubs day) school dismisses at 2:05 pm.


First and last days of the term are usually dismissed at half day (11:30 AM).

Written permission/consent must be submitted by parent for field trips.

Inform the office of any changes in address and telephone numbers.

If, for any reason you are taking your child/children before the end of the school day due to an appointment or emergency, kindly inform the office or teacher in advance.


GIRLS white monogrammed shirts, green skirts with one inch pleats and straps (for Infants to Stds 3).  Black shoes with white socks. 

BOYS Grey pants, white monogrammed shirts and black shoes with white socks. 

Girls’ hair should be neat and kept away from the face. Boys’ hair styles should be low and simple. 

Inappropriate and distracting sweaters are not allowed. An SMP sweater can be purchased at school; it is part of the school uniform. 

Jewellery should not be worn by children at school and the use of nail polish is not permitted. 

A Dress code is in effect for all other persons entering the compound. See notice posted at the Sanctuary entrance.



The school guard will receive messages at the gate. Only messages of vital importance will be delivered to pupils during school hours. 

If forgotten, lunches, books, etc. are to be handed in; they should be given to the guard. He will ensure that they are passed on by the secretary to the child. 

Parents should not go directly to the class rooms. All visitors will be asked to sign a log book at the entrance before proceeding. 

No child will be allowed to return to his/her classroom to retrieve any forgotten books after school is dismissed.



School fees should be paid before the term begins or during the first week of the said term. Receipts, in duplicate, should be placed in an envelope with name and standard of child clearly marked on it. One will be stamped and returned to you and the other will be retained as our record. 

The school secures a place per year (3 academic terms) for each student and therefore all financial budgets are pegged to the maintaining of this student population. It is therefore necessary that if a child migrates during a school year, all fees must be honoured and paid. 

School fees must be payable at the start of each term and a student will not be allowed to begin a new term until the fees of the previous term are settled.


SMP has taken a position of Zero Tolerance towards any form of violence.


SMP instills good punctuality in our teacher and student populations. Appointments resulting in late arrival must be accompanied by a letter.


Formal Parent-Teacher conferences will take place every year in September and January, on dates to be announced. All parents are expected to attend. Parents may hold a conference with a teacher at any time by appointment only. Interviews, even brief ones should not be attempted during school hours.


Whenever a child is absent, a written note or excuse must be given to his/her class teacher. A child should not be sent to school in a sick condition. Doctor and dental appointments should be scheduled for after school hours or on Saturdays. If this is not possible, a written request by the parent should be forwarded in advance.


Birthday Parties are not permitted in school, in any class, other than  Infants  1&2 and Stds 1. Please make arrangements in advance with the class teacher.

St. Monica’s Preparatory School

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