Healthy Eating…..Healthy Habits

Dear Parents,

We, at St. Monica’s Preparatory, have been advocating that a healthy body supports a strong, healthy, focused mind. Finally as per caption, the Ministry of Education has made a conscious move to streamline the “healthy kid” in becoming a healthy adult ; the tuck-shop/cafeteria will have no choice but to support this directive and therefore healthy fruit-juices and water will be sold only. Lunch-kits too must be stocked with same.

SMP having established Healthy Tuesdays (Chewsday) and Thursdays (Thirstday), will now see Wasteless Wednesday when everything in lunch-kits will be reusable (NO WASTE of plastics or foil) and HEALTHY.

Together with Team SMP  let’s make that adjustment to enable our kids to be healthier – such an initiative of the MoE should be lauded. 

Thank you.