iCARE Bins

Dear Parents,

Many of you are aware that Plastikeep is no longer in operation. The Environmental Management Authority has taken control and The Recyclable Solid Waste Project also known as iCARE will now place their logo on the bins or bring in their iCARE bins for us.

One positive effect that has come out of this change is that aluminum cans, tetra packs (drink cartons) and plastic can be commingled and deposited in our bins at S.M.P.

Caring for creation is one of the seven tenets of Catholic Social Teaching. The Holy Father, Pope Francis says that all life depends on clean air and water, and a stable and reliable climate.  The Pope is clear that climate change is the greatest threat life on Earth has ever seenand that it is caused by humans. As a priest, he stands in protection and care for his flock.

Yours sincerely,

Charmaine Figeroux ( Mrs.)

Social Studies