It was  in 2001, the St. Monica’s Rainbow of Values was formed. This Rainbow highlighted the value that each Standard would keep in an effort to build sound character in our children.

As a staff, the following values were agreed upon:

Self Control (Senior Infants)

Friendliness (Std. 1)

Compassion (Std. 2)

Tolerance (Std. 3)

Honesty (Std. 4)

Reliability (Std.5)

Perseverance (Teachers)

These were to be lived and discussed at every level and demonstrated each day. The younger charges were challenged to learn the correct spelling, the part-of-speech, the meaning and ultimately to model the value as best as possible.

It was in 2006 that the Principal’s Award was introduced. This award was given to the student chosen by both classmates and staff as having the qualities of a true S.M.P. role model. This student showed great academic prowess, social skills and a definite characterization of the Rainbow of Values.

The following are the recipients to date:

2006 – Master Levi Seukeran

2007 – Master Sebastian Navarro

2008 – Miss Emma Pounder

2009 – Master Tristan Duval

2010 – Miss Rebekah Guillen

2011 – Miss Alexis Mc Hugh

2012 – Master Jonathan Blaize

2013 – Master Simon Navarro

2014 – Master Jaden Perryman

2015 – Master Nicholai Beharry

2016 – Master Hunter Young Sing

2017 – Gabrielle Colthrust

2018 – Rahsaan Bynoe

2019 – Levi Salloum

2020 – Taylor Banfield

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