Welcome Circular Term 2 January to March 2021

Dear Parents,

May we, TEAMSMP, reflect the Light of Christmas and the Epiphany as we move forward in HOPE… hope of a brighter, better, faith-filled year.

We begin Term 2 online once again with the promise of the Std. 5 resumption physically on Monday 8th February; may our prayers be united that the entire school be allowed to return to at least a blended education model next term. We need to have the children enjoy socializing and interacting, with limitations of the protocols reinforced by COVID-19.

Please note that a Parent/Student calendar will be emailed.

As we start Term 2, 2021, here is critical information for you:

  1. School reopens on Wednesday 6th January with half day (11:30)
  2. After careful research, next week, Week 2, SMP will be reducing screen time and Std. 2-5 will end school, synchronously at 12:45; Week 1 remains as usual
  3. SMP continues to welcome your support daily as you make certain your son/daughter is on time and dressed appropriately for domestic school; the family’s cooperation is most necessary for TEAMSMP to advance
  4. Asynchronous work prepares each student while Independent work serves as reinforcement – kindly monitor them both
  5. We, as a TEAM, encourage you to recognize Healthy Days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in anticipation of the return to SMP, physically
  6. Children thankfully are rather skilled at technology and so we urge you, our good parents to be vigilant with their screen time AFTER school hours; there have been instances of ‘viewing’ inappropriate sites
  7. There will be one-one online Parent/Teacher Meetings scheduled late January and early February whereby you will book an appointment; that day, THAT specific class will have asynchronous work while teachers meet with you
  8. Churches have reopened so kindly take the children to mass; the Std. 2 and 3 classes have been finally given the go-ahead to make First Holy Communion
  9. While revision will be done this week, all co-curricular subjects begin in Week 2 (Choir, Library, and P.E.) while Mindful K.I.T.E.S. for Std. 3-5 begins in Week 3
  10. School fees of $4000.00 are due by week 3 – Monday 18th January 2021.

We look forward to a brilliant term where there is teaching and learning occurring in an environment where the flipped classrooms, online tools, I.W. and your continued support, work to each child’s benefit.

Moving ever forward together in FAITH,

Ann Marie Clarke